Enchilada Bake - Heat and Eat

Enchilada Bake - Heat and Eat


"It was really excellent! Just spicy enough, plenty of cheese, well seasoned. So good!" - Pastry Chef Jenni Field

We're starting our series of gluten-free homestyle meals, perfect for convenient no-fuss meals, or spooning up some gourmet comfort on a plate. You will want at least two!

Enjoy delicious, fresh, organic vegetables and scratchmade sauces in traditional styles of 3-4 servings per pan. Dish out as a side or main, and you'll understand what we mean by "Flavor for All"! 

Contains: dairy.

Gluten-free tortillas, scratch-made tomato sauce with gf herbs and spices, onion, spaghetti squash or pinto beans and seasonal roasted veggies (incl. yellow squash, zucchini, sweet peppers), cotija, gf shredded cheeses, chipotle, adobo, cilantro, gf spices, canola oil. (Organics and local produce included.)

Photo Courtesy Chef Jenni Field

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